Marvalous Omega 3 has clinical effect on mood disorder

If you’ve been paying attention, you will know that fish oils contain the fatty acids known as DHA and EPA. While these are important for physical health, they are also synthesized by stem cells in the body, according to this article published by the BBC news outlet. Taking certain fish oil supplements can block the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs.

Omega 3 supplements from Marvalous contain only ALA. The article does not deal with supplements of this type. ALA is the fatty acid that is found in mother’s milk and a few plant food substances contain it naturally. Walnuts, kiwi fruit, and flax seeds are good sources of ALA fatty acid.

ALA helps with mood disorders, increasing the level of valproic acid in the blood. My first experience is with a young patient who suffered depression. Valproate acid supplements were prescribed to raise the content of the blood. Over several years the drug was given, and the dosage increased periodically. When Marvalous Omega 3 was added at 2 soft-gel capsules a day, the mood disorder improved, and the valproate in the blood suddenly increased rapidly, From 72.1 micg/ml to 107.7 micg/ml. This was a result sought after but not obtained by medications alone for 8 years.

This finding indicates that the ALA in the Salvia sclarea sage supplement had a significant impact clinically on the patients disorder.

Other findings on the effectiveness of Salvia Sclarea in Marvalous Omega 3 are reported to reduce inflammation more effectively than fish oils.


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