Achieve Your Highest Potential

This has been a difficult year. Everyone has felt or is still feeling the effects of double-dip recession. By getting your self-assurance, your motivation and concentration up just a notch, you improve your chances in that important life-saving interview, or help you succeed in getting that raise or higher bonus this year. ALA Omega 3 supplements increase your energy level. With Marvalous supplements, soon you will be poised to nab that next opportunity that will get your life back in order.

Clary sage oil produced in Israel

Fish oil supplements

Marvalous clary sage supplement

Unhealthy contaminants – not
recommended for children or pregnant women.

100% pure vegetable source – safe for everyone.

Possible allergic reactions

No allergens

Fish taste and smell

No taste or smell

Contain DHA and EPA produced by the fish from
ALA in sea vegetabletation

Contains only ALA fatty acid. DHA and
EPA produced in the body from the ALA

Recommended dosage 4 per day
120 capsules a month of high quality
is about $50

Recommended dosage of 2 per day
60 capsules per month
cost of $52

Confusing array of brands

Only one producer of clary sage Omega 3

Salvia Sclaria is the technical name for this sage plant. It is one of 2,400 sage varieties, and the only one with the specific properties for α-linolenic acid, or ALA.

This important discovery of a specific sage variety that contains ALA Omega 3 and helps produce the DHA and EPA as it is found in fish oil. The other known plant sources contain lesser quantities, or are less easily digestible, as in the flax seed oil that is available. Other natural healing properties of the clary sage oil include vitamin E and Q10 co-enzyme, cholesterol reducing, blood pressure lowering anti-oxidants.

By taking 2 or 3 capsules a day, benefits for common health disorders that are not effectively treated by other medications. They include skin problems, such as varicose veins, eczema and even aging, blood circulation and mental alertness. Inflammatory diseases in general are helped by this supplement. Mood disorders or depression can be alleviated. Order a supply today at

Your order can be placed online at On the site, go to Back Office at the footer of the page. Click on Back Office. Enter the information in the First Order space. Enter your sponsor’s name. That’s me: Shoshana Werbner or mailto:

Your purchase will be delivered to your address. Thank you for ordering and ENJOY!!!

If you are taking many medications:
Please consult with your doctor before adding Omega 3 from any source. There may be some drug interactions. Consult for recommended dosage.

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