Compare ALA Marvalous to fish oil products

There are many brands of Omega 3 on the market. The only Omega 3 that is NOT fish oil is Marvalous Omega 3.

Why use Marvalous Omega 3 and not fish oil?

Marvalous has revolutionized the market by the breakthrough discovery of Omega 3 in plant source. Marvalous Omega 3 is 100% organic. You know exactly what is in the Omega 3 from Marvalous while fish oil is known to contain toxic contaminants from the sea. The type of fish that produces abundant Omega 3 are mackerel, sardines, salmon, and to a lesser degree tuna. Many sources of the salmon are from contaminated rivers and seabeds. Even the best brands only guarantee 70% purity. The clary sage variety that is the source of Omega 3 in Marvalous is grown organic fields in Israel’s arid land and is 100% free from contaminants.

Even a person with many allergies can take Marvalous Omega 3 without fear of a reaction. Those who are promoting fish oil make the same claim. Many fish oil supplements do have a strong fish taste, while Marvalous Omega 3 has a neutral or null taste. The soft gel capsules can therefore be opened and the oil swallowed directly or mixed in food or drink. Children have an easier time with this!

Marvalous Omega 3 from clary sage contains ALA. Our bodies can produce the other two fatty acids, EPA and DHA from the ALA. Fish oils contain a high amount of DHA and EPA. This can form deposits in the body which may become rancid, and therefore harmful. With Marvaous, ALA produces the DHA and EPA on the sites where the essential fatty acids are needed. Therefore, no unassimulated deposits are accumulated.

The recommended dosage for fish oil is between 1 and 3 grams which means swallowing 4 or more of the capsules per day. Marvalous Omega 3 contains 500 grams per capsule and the recommended dosage is two per day, although 3 can improve therapy for more difficult cases.

The high quality fish oil is priced at $50 per 120 capsules. Omega 3 from Marvalous is currently $52 for 60 capsules. The cost is therefore comparable for the recommended dosage.

Fish processing industry: See for example

Clary sage fields:

Clary sage grown in Israel

Fish oil supplements

Marvalous clary sage supplement

Unhealthy contaminants – not
recommended for children or pregnant women.

100% pure vegetable source – safe for everyone.

Possible allergic reactions

No allergens

Fish taste and smell

No taste or smell

Contain DHA and EPA produced by the fish from
ALA in sea vegetabletation

Contains only ALA fatty acid. DHA and
EPA produced in the body from the ALA

Recommended dosage 4 per day
120 capsules a month of high quality
is about $50

Recommended dosage of 2 per day
60 capsules per month
cost of $52

Confusing array of brands

Only one producer of clary sage Omega 3

Your order can be placed online at On the site, go to the link for the Back Office at the footer of the page. Click on Back Office. Enter the information in the First Order space. Enter your sponsor’s name. That’s me: Shoshana Werbner or my email:

Your purchase will be delivered to your address. Thank you for ordering and ENJOY!!!

If you are taking many medications:
Please consult with your doctor before adding Omega 3 from any source.
There may be some drug interactions. Consult for recommended dosage.


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