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Many of you reading this know me personally. Others I invited to visit because we have mutual friends on Facebook. If you are familiar with my work, my family, and past, you also know that I am sincere when I tell you that the products from Marvalous are of a very high quality. Each has been specially developed for the goal of health using the latest scientific knowledge of nutritional needs and advanced developments in the scientific field of medicine.

Omega 3 was produced developed as a unique product by the Volcani Institute in Israel, world-renowned for research. It wast patented, and brought to market by a new company Marvalous. Marvalous chose to market their products though the network marketing system. This marketing system has become the fastest growing marketing system today. You will see that there is no money spent of expensive brochures, no marketing overhead. All the products are described on the Internet, on the Marvalous site (http://www.marvalous.com). You will not find the Omega 3 from clary sage in any store or pharmacy. It is only sold by Marvalous distributors. If you like the product, why not become a distributor yourself? Remember, all the products other than the Omega 3 can be bought in pairs, the second is always half price. Feel free to email me your inquiries. My email address is neshri@012.net.il.

Volcani Institute and research references:





About Shoshana Werbner

My interests are varied, but I'm very much into health, diet and philosophy of life. I read when time permits, the best that I can find, that also suits my budget and interests.
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