ALA Basics

There is a new vitamin on the block.

There is sufficient research over the last 2 decades to show that essential fatty-acids (EFA) have been eliminated in the modern fast-food, overly -processed diet. Bleached white flour, made into processed bread, spread with processed margarine or peanut butter produced health hazards for children and adults. Food fried in soya oil lacks the omega 3 that is essential for fetal development, heart health and brain functioning.

While we change our eating habits gradually, we can also replace the a-Linolenic acid (ALA) that has been reduced by the processed-food diet. Every cell of the body needs Omega 3 to function to its optimal level.

In addition to heart health, the EFA (essential fatty-acids) help turn back the biological clock. After only 2-3 months of taking the Omega 3 natural supplement from Marvalous, your skin will be healthier, smoother and younger looking. Minor skin problems tend to disappear.

After a few weeks with Omega 3 from Marvalous, in addition to an improvement skin texture, I noticed an improvement in levels of concentration and my ability to handle detailed work.

My son, who suffered for years from depression and mood disorders, regained his natural stability after only a couple of weeks with Marvalous.

While we are improving diet, adding Omega 3 rich fish and vegetables (walnuts and flax seeds are a rich source) adding a safe supplement, without harmful substances contaminating the oceans and thus fish oils, can change health dramatically.

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My interests are varied, but I'm very much into health, diet and philosophy of life. I read when time permits, the best that I can find, that also suits my budget and interests.
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