How to Enjoy Life Longer and Avoid the ER

Avoid crippling osteoporosis. Enjoy good bone health by adding calcium citrate in a bio-available powder supplement. Natural bone deterioration can be reversed preventing breakage. Enjoy life longer and avoid the ER by taking precautions against rapid bone loss.

Maybe you don’t worry too much about dying young. Neither do I. The quality of life, including mobility and mental alertness, as we grow older, is far more important. Health for elderly Americans is increasingly a concern of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Internet sites on the topic are numerous. Clearly, precautions to prevent chronic disease, must be taken early to avoid physical and mental decline at the end of life.

Chronic diseases disproportionately affect older adults and are associated with disability, diminished quality of life, and increased costs for health care and long-term care. Today, about 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, and 50% have at least two, according to the NIH. Public health is a government concern as universal health coverage and coverage for preventable disease is part of the national health insurance package. our health becomes everyone’s concern if it hits the national pocketbook.

Many of the diseases are preventable with increased awareness of health and dietary needs. Many older folks, men as well as women suffer from osteoporosis, or decreased bone density. This is, according to medical studies, a natural process of aging. From the age of 30, bones naturally decline in strength. However, for a significant number of adults, this happens earlier and more rapidly than normal. Click here for my Special Offer.

A healthy diet throughout life may be a contributing factor. For women of childbearing age, the bones themselves contain minerals that help the fetus grow, and this is a source of nutrients, especially if the mother’s diet is not adequate.

In later life, Hormone Replacement Therapy prevents bone deterioration, but after going off  HRT, testing for bone density is a standard precaution. Medication to prevent bone deterioration is often prescribed for those suffering from osteopenia, (go ahead and look it up on Wikipedia) without having any noticeable symptoms.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are varying degrees of bone loss, as measured by bone mineral density, a marker for how strong a bone is and the risk that it might break. Osteopenia, which affects about half of Americans over age 50, is a condition of bone loss that has not reached a critical stage. Men as well as women suffer from Osteopenia, although women suffer more frequently then men. DXA bone density testing (a low level x-ray test) reveals the level of bone loss.

Without testing, the first indication of osteoporosis is usually a broken bone. Although your health coverage may not include medication for osteopenia, as mine doesn’t, I think it prudent to prevent bone fracture and the worsening of the bone density with available medication. I agree with my doctor, who prescribed the medication. Another doctor recommended I wait until osteoporosis to begin medication, so that the treatment medication would be paid for in the health plan. Because I cannot afford hospitalization and time spent recovering, I prefer preventative measures. I also fear that a broken ankle or foot may not return to its former condition. A fall is often caused by the breaking of a fragile bone. This can have other serious consequences as well. For example falling on a stairway or when embarking from a city bus. So even though my health fund does not cover the medication, I continue to buy the prescription and take the daily dosage. Furthermore. I detect overall health benefits. Stronger bones significantly contribute to overall health.

Dietary concerns, such as getting adequate calcium and vitamin D, throughout life, are crucial for healthy bones. Vitamin D is naturally absorbed from sunlight, but often that is not sufficient. We are indoors most of the day, and in winter months especially, do not get enough sunlight exposure. Along with Evista  (raloxifene hydrochloride) medication, I take daily calcium supplements and vitamin D.

There are many calcium supplements on the market. A good way to test the solubility of the various tables is to measure how long it takes a table to dissolve in a glass of water. However, for the greatest bio-availability, a powder supplement from Marvalous is superior. Vitamin D is added to most of the calcium supplements, although additional drops may be prescribed for low vitamin D or night workers.

Calcium citrate, such as Calcium, allows for absorption even after a dairy meal. Calcium without the citrate form, will not absorb easily into the blood stream and be circulated to have the desired effect of bone strengthening, unless taken with a non-dairy or cheese meal. Coffee may also inhibit absorption.

While calcium citrate may cost more at the pharmacy counter, the saving in terms of health could be enormous. For maximum absorption, Marvalous calcium citrate offers the best protection. Saving your bone quality is vital to your continued health. However, only rarely will the addition of calcium to the diet increase bone density. It seems the wise choice to add a highly bio-available calcium supplement, such as Marvalous calcium to your diet. Click here to find out about the free gift offer. Osteoporosis is a crippling condition of bone density deterioration which can lead to a less enjoyable life quality. Stop bone deterioration in time to avoid the worse consequenses and the ER.

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Develop a Nutrition Plan

Nutrition basics

When I was a young mother of two preschool children, living in Marin county California in the 1970’s, I met a woman, another mother at the local preschool, named Marilyn. She was a few years older, and a California native, while I was from back East. She was a vocal advocate of natural food nutrition. I was interested in what she had to say. I had already started boning up on nutrition, and counter-cultural approaches, including vegetarianism. I was determined to feed my children only healthy food, and I needed the scientific advice to verify that a vegetarian diet would provide the essentials of a good nutrition.

Marilyn encouraged label reading. She told me that partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil in the ingredient list was to be avoided. This was such a harmful ingredient that she was vociferously opposed to its inclusion in her family’s diet.

Marilyn was also noted for advocating whole-grained bread. It was so important that she stood at a PTA meeting demanding that parents send only sandwiches with whole-wheat bread in their children’s lunch bags.

Refined white sugar was a primary culprit in the predominant diet. It was added to many packaged foods. Sugar without a nutritional component, provided empty calories added to snack foods, breakfast cereals and baked goods, and of course soft drinks. Clearly, this was something we had to remove from the family diet.

Additives such as artificial flavors and colors were also unacceptable. I followed in her footsteps, and began shopping at the closest natural health food store. Over time it became my exclusive food market. Although the costs were a bit higher, items in bulk helped to keep the final cost down. Bringing jars to be filled with natural unrefined cooking oils and honey, buying non-packaged herbal teas, granola, and organically grown and unprocessed grains, fruits and vegetables, became a way of life.

Recycling was also on the agenda. Our local recycling project accepted flattened tins, glass jars with the labels removed, as well as cardboard and newspapers.

Today, some forty years later, these trends have become health and environmental concerns nationwide and internationally. A new shopping mall in my neighborhood of Jerusalem recently opened with a major supermarket outlet and a health food store adjacent. Here I can purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, herbal teas and grains in bulk as well as nutritional supplements. It is highly commercialized, but seems patterned after the California health-food model.

Help from experts:

There are certain key components that every nutrition plan should include.

  • Eating the right portions based on your specific needs, in relation to the amount of energy you expend on a daily basis.
  • Educating yourself on the basic concepts of healthy eating, especially learning about the nutritional value and makeup of the food you eat.
  • If you understand the roles that protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, and fiber play in your body, then you will be better equipped to choose the foods that are right for you, depending on your tastes, activity level, and way of life.
  • Eat at least one good source of Omega 3 per day, or supplement with Omega 3 capsules.
  • Selecting specific foods that meet your individual nutritional needs.
  • Creating a plan that works for you in the long-term, something that you are comfortable in adapting as a way of life.
  • An emphasis on fresh, whole foods over processed foods.

About Omega 3:

What makes omega-3 fats special? They are an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affect the function of the cell receptors in these membranes. They provide the starting point for making hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of artery walls, and inflammation. They also bind to receptors in cells that regulate genetic function. Likely due to these effects, omega-3 fats have been shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke, may help control lupus, eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis, and may play protective roles in cancer and other conditions.

Points to remember in planning your diet:

1. Don’t fill up your calorie count with empty calories. Make sure you have the basic vitamin and mineral requirements in your diet. Check the labels of packaged foods. If they contain additives, trans fats (partially-hardened vegetable oils), artificial flavoring and coloring, be wary of eating that product.

2. If you lead an active life, you will need more calories than a couch potato. Keep a supply of healthy energy boosters. Sugar sweetened snacks provide quick energy, but also a quick let-down. Natural sweeteners, like fruit and honey will, therefore, sustain your energy level better. Also remember that sugar blocks the absorption of necessary nutrients, such as vitamins and calcium. Stick to fiber rich, natural health bars, fruit filled snacks and the like. Chocolate is lauded for beneficial heart and regenerative properties. Remember that only the dark unsweetened or semi-sweet chocolate is beneficial.

3. Whole wheat flour is richer in vitamins and minerals. Choose whole wheat breads and homemade snacks using whole wheat flour.

4. While a multivitamin supplement can help ensure that you get the right nutrients, if you are eating properly, a diet loaded with junk-foods, excessive coffee or alcohol consumption inhibits the absorption of the supplemental vitamins and minerals.

5. Add Omega 3 to your diet. Eat fresh salmon, sardines or mackerel in addition to walnuts, kiwis or other foods rich in Omega 3, fish or vegetable oils such as Omega 3 supplements.

6.  Add variety to your meals with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Naturally sweet fruit juice, without added sugar or preservatives is the best beverage for all ages.

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Natural Omega 3 from seeds and nuts

Cashew nuts and others make for delicious and energy-boosting snacks:

But what makes nuts and seeds such potent weapons in the war against fatigue is that they’re a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are known as essential fats because they’re the only fats our bodies actually require. These healthy fats not only lower the glycemic index of foods but are also a superior energy source. Fats stay in the stomach longer than carbohydrates and proteins; the result is a slow-burning fuel that provides long-lasting energy. Omega-3s help maintain healthy cells and are found naturally in almost all nuts and seeds. Flaxseeds and walnuts are particularly rich in these healthy fats. Omega-3s (and frequent consumption of nuts in particular) have been found to reduce the risk of becoming obese and aid in weight loss by slowing digestion, which results in a prolonged feeling of fullness, preventing extra snacking that can lead to weight gain, a common contributor to fatigue. Finally, these essential fatty acids boost mood, helping to win the fight against emotional fatigue.

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Alternatively Speaking: Essentially oil – JPost – Lifestyle

Alternative medicine enthusiast Natalie Marx answers your questions: Can anything be done to prevent the return of acne?

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ALA Omega 3 explained!

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Diet Might Have Some Effect on ADHD – Health News –

Diet Might Have Some Effect on ADHD – Health News –

This article brings out one benefit of Omega 3 and the effects on hyper-active children due to diet.

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Diet patterns may keep brain from shr… JPost – Health

New research shows how people could potentially stop their brains from shrinking and keep them sharp by adjusting their diet.

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